What is a cleanroom?

Cleanrooms focus on several factors to create an environment that is free of contaminants. This is achieved by monitoring and maintaining:

New advanced cleanroom facilities

International biomed specialist appoints WHP to deliver key expansion project to expand bioprocessing operations and manufacturing capabilities

Hygienic solution for large control systems

Modular enclosures for cleanrooms

Show germs the final curtain

Teknomek broadens its PVC strip curtain range with anti-microbial options

Standardising pharmaceutical builds

Neil Pullman explores the differences between Building Information Modelling levels, their benefits and what it means for the pharmaceutical sector

Continuous monitoring microbial air samplers

ImpactAir is designed for continuous monitoring in high-grade areas where in-process sampling of viable particles is critical

Power assisted respirators

Suitable for pharmaceutical, laboratory and industrial environments as protection against particles, gases and vapours

Cleanroom technology update

Louise Smyth reports on the latest advances in the cleanrooms sector

Extra protection offered by containment technology

Michelle Frisch highlights the benefits of high containment gloveboxes for laboratories

Decontaminating cleanrooms

Bio-decontamination range complements Cherwell’s sterilisation process validation products

The use of cleanrooms in the food manufacturing industry

With the health of millions depending on the food industry maintaining high levels of cleanliness, food companies are looking to cleanrooms to enable the highest hygiene standards

Planning double-door autoclave for cleanrooms

Lee Oakley looks at the factors involved in planning the installation of a double-door autoclave.

Dispensers for cleanrooms

With hygiene at the forefront of the demanding needs within cleanroom and laboratory environments, Teknomek has designed a range of dispensers.

Wipes for cleanrooms: how to select the best wipe for the job

Much has been written about the use of wipes in the electronics industry, but little or nothing about the requirements for wipes within life science cleanrooms. The assumption has also been made that life science requirements are very similar.





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