Particle characterisation software introduced

Testa Analytical Solutions has launched a new version of its integrated software suite for particle characterisation

Separation and characterisation of complex charged molecules

The EAF2000 system integrates Postnova's AF2000 Asymmetrical Flow FFF system, with an additional Electrical FFF module

Product thermal characterisation using freeze drying microscopy

Webinar will introduce participants to the components of a freeze drying microscope

Spectroscopy solutions for advanced metals characterisation

Thermo Fisher Scientific showcases solutions for advanced metals characterisation at CETAS 2011

Advanced materials characterisation

ARL PERFORM'X integrates bulk elemental analysis capabilities with mapping and small spot analysis to create a solution for the analysis of any solid or liquid sample

GPC TD system for polymer and protein characterisation

SEC-3010 triple detector system for high performance characterisation of polymers and proteins using GPC/SEC

Characterisation of excipients

A new application report from Viscotek describes how its Triple Detection GPC/SEC system provides a rapid way of characterising Chitosans.

Analytical solutions for bioproduct characterisation problems

The structural characterisation of biotechnology products presents a challenge for modern analytical techniques. In contrast to small molecule drugs, biopharmaceuticals can be extremely large, complex entities, often comprising of multiple disulphide-bridged proteins or glycoproteins.In particular, these products demand the use of methods capable of determining the primary structure of a recombinant or engineered molecule and of detecting and assigning post-translational modifications and microheterogeneities. By Dr Fiona M Greer.

Characterisation tools measures up for food science

Researchers have developed a variety of improved and novel colloidal delivery systems for food and pharmaceutical applications





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