£2.7 million to target the nerve centre of the world’s biggest silent killer

High blood pressure is known as the world’s biggest silent killer because most people can’t “feel” their blood pressure going up. To help combat this chronic condition researchers have been awarded £2.7 million to determine possible new treatments.

New international genome research centre to open in Denmark

BGI Europe, a subsidiary of the leading Chinese genomic organisation previously known as Beijing Genomics Institute, will open its first European genome research centre in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Fast, high-speed cell imaging takes centre stage

As the latest innovations demonstrate, cell imaging continues to play a key role in the development of the life sciences industry. And speed is key, as Sean Ottewell finds out

University scientists launch new Musculoskeletal Ageing Centre

Scientists from the Universities of Sheffield, Liverpool and Newcastle have been awarded £2.5 million to establish a new Medical Research Council (MRC) and Arthritis UK Centre for Integrated Research into Musculoskeletal Ageing.

Food research centre chooses ProtoCOL colony counter

Synbiosis' ProtoCOL automated colony counting system is being used at the Robert Mondavi Research Institute, a major US food and wine research centre, to speed up studies on the growth of a variety of bacterial pathogens in food

New European centre for chirality

Centre to offer analytical and scientific services for advancements in chiral chemical processes

New centre will develop new drugs for diseases

New treatments for some of our most common diseases and conditions could be on the horizon with the launch of a new drug discovery venture

New applied research centre

The official opening of SYRAL's new application centre in Marckolsheim took place in the beginning of June. The expenditure is included in an amount totalling 160 million euros for a three year period.

Imaging: Brain's centre for perceiving 3-D motion

Neuroscientists have now pinpointed where and how the brain processes 3-D motion using specially developed computer displays and an fMRI machine to scan the brain.

Learning centre dedicated to food and drink

Food and drink manufacturers have been catapulted to the forefront of the drive to boost skills and productivity for the whole of the UK, thanks to the success of a bid for major government funding, led by Improve, the sector skills council.

contract for global vaccine research centre

AMEC, the international engineering services company, has been awarded a major contract to provide detailed design and construction services for a new US$18.5 million global vaccine research centre for UK-based Shire Pharmaceuticals Group PLC.

Dubai to become centre of e-commerce world

The Middle East could become the world's hub for communications following recent developments in the region, Eric Russell reports.

It will centre on Dubai where a recently opened e-commerce acity complex' is already attracting international IT companies.





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