Biosensor system optimises mammalian cell-based binding assay workflow

System can be used with unfixed cells in suspension or adherent cells grown directly on the sensor chips themselves

Mitochondrial cell-based assay

Enables researchers to distinguish primary mitochondrial dysfunction from secondary cytotoxic events in a single well

Microplate reader offers environmental control for cell-based applications

Ensures greater biological relevance for a wide range of studies, by allowing assays to be performed under hypoxic or physiological conditions

Initiative hopes to expedite cell-based treatments for Parkinson’s

Researchers in this field recognised that there was a lack of consistency in previous trials as to when the treatment was administered

Accelerating Cell-Based ELISA Procedures

Agilent Automation Solutions has announced a configuration of its BioCel System that allows laboratories to fully automate cell-based ELISA procedures thereby reducing the risk of human error.

Automated Cell-Based Screening

The BioCel System from Agilent Automation Solutions is a robust, high-performance automated platform that combines fast robotics with sophisticated VWorks Automation Control software.





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