Construction of a skin model using R3D cell culture system

Lonza releases new technical note: "Construction of a full-thickness skin model using RAFT 3D cell culture system"

Biological safety cabinet

New system designed to optimise contamination control in challenging cell culture applications

Cell-culture portfolio expands

Lonza adds Quasi Vivo System to its portfolio

Xeno-free cell culture medium for regenerative medicine research

StemFit Basic02 offers stable growth performance, high colony forming efficiency and robust scalable cell expansion

Streamlining cell culture workflow

From live cell observation and documentation to cell sampling and handling

Easily automated 3D cell culture growth

AMSBIO has launched Mimetix 3D cell culture scaffolds that offer significant advantages for a range of applications, including regenerative medicine, oncology research, drug discovery

Automated cell culture system

Generates consistent, high quality cell plates for transport assays

Cell culture surface designed to enable consistent formation of spheroids in suspension

Nunclon Sphera supports the growth of three-dimensional cancer spheroids and embryoid bodies to help drive advancements in cancer and stem cell research





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