Cervical cancer screening test set to save the lives of women all over the UK

cobas 4800 Human Papillomavirus (HPV) test from Roche, is able to improve the detection of pre-cancerous cells in women whose cervical smears tested normal

Prostate cancer biomarker panel results

Oxford Gene Technology presents potentially highly significant, preliminary data on the development of a panel of biomarkers for the diagnosis of prostate cancer

Hybrid imaging probe to diagnose skin cancer in development

Optical Coherence Tomography technology has been developed over the past decade and is capable of imaging human skin anatomy in real time and in 3D

Scientists unravel genetic risk of bowel cancer

The team showed that high levels of the eifh3 protein lead to the development of bowel cancer

Blocking key pathway in prostate cancer

Prostate cancer advances when tumors become resistant to hormone therapy, which is the standard treatment for patients, and begin producing their own androgens.

Mahjong gene and cancer

A landmark study is the first to identify a life-or-death "cell competition" process in mammalian tissue that suppresses cancer by causing cancerous cells to kill themselves.

New strategy to fight cancer drug resistance

Scientists at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute have found a way to disable a common protein that often thwarts chemotherapy treatment of several major forms of cancer.

Polyphenols halt prostate cancer growth

In what could lead to a major advance in the treatment of prostate cancer, scientists now know exactly why polyphenols in red wine and green tea inhibit cancer growth.

Cancer risks in blood pressure meds

Cardiologists have uncovered new research showing an increased risk of cancer with a group of blood pressure medications known as angiotensin-receptor blockers.

Coffee, soft drinks not linked to cancer

Drinking even large amounts of coffee and sugar-sweetened, carbonated soft drinks is not associated with the risk of colon cancer according to a large study published online.

Olive oil enriched diet aids cancer survivors

Researchers have found that olive oil may offer another potential health benefit - it produces greater weight loss in breast cancer survivors compared to a more traditional low-fat diet.

Detecting cancer related enzyme

A team of researchers has developed an assay that reliably detects and quantifies mature cathepsin K using a technique called gelatin zymography.

Predictive bio-marker for non-small cell lung cancer

For patients with non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC), a lung cancer that kills approximately 1 million people annually, the treatment currently available is basically the same for all patients, despite the fact that some patients may respond to treatment while others may not.

Imaging system probes cancer cell mystery

Microscopy is a key technology in laboratory sciences and the latest releases show that this trend is continuing. Sean Ottewell reports.

Secrets to common kidney cancer

Researchers have discovered gene signatures they say explain much of the biology of this common and difficult-to-treat kidney cancer.

Viruses against cancer

Particular parvoviruses do not cause any disease symptoms in humans, but kill infected tumours cells without causing any damage to healthy tissue.

Chickens shed light on ovarian cancer

Researchers have been using the chicken as a model to study this deadly disease and have recently discovered that a diet enriched with flaxseed decreases severity of ovarian cancer and increases survival in hens.

Rewired interactions in cancer

Scientists have analysed the genetic networks of microRNAs in tumours, shedding light on how interactions go awry in disease.

'Junk DNA' drives cancer growth

Recent studies have identified how 'junk' DNA promotes the growth of cancer cells in patients with Hodgkin's lymphoma.

New bowel cancer screening

A five-minute screening test could cut the risk of developing bowel cancer by a third and save thousands of lives from what is the UK's second biggest cancer killer.






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