New method predicts the course of cancer

Research from Germany shows that microRNAs predict recurrence risk of head and neck tumours

Metabolism stress test kits

Evaluation of the glycolytic response of in vitro cell models to metabolic stress

CD47 protein

Involved in a range of cellular processes, including apoptosis, proliferation, adhesion and migration

Non-invasive monitoring of ammonia

Ammonia is required at the pharmaceutical plant to breakdown manufacturing by-products before they are then safely incinerated

Optics of soap bubbles

May help us understand the mechanics of immune cells and cancer

World’s highest gain high-power laser amplifier

Lasers could transform understanding of high field physics and result in new radiotherapy modalities for the treatment of cancer

IDO pathway products for immunotherapy drug research

Researchers worldwide are trying to identify the complex mechanisms that enable cancer cells to evade the host’s immune system

Cardiac, cancer, inflammation and fertility markers

BBI Solutions (BBI) has launched more than 20 new antibodies

Non-invasive specimen preparation

Arquer Diagnostics and the University of Sunderland collaborate to extend application of cancer diagnostic

Simplifying detection of important cancer gene variants

SureSeq myPanel NGS Custom Cancer Panels enable researchers to create bespoke probe panels from an expert-curated library

Exploiting the potential of gold cancer therapies

Research funded by Worldwide Cancer Research shows prototype cancer therapies ‘super-charged’ by tiny gold particles

Proactive curcumin research

Clinical research programme to explore the health benefits of its turmeric curcumin, a potent antioxidant

Drug combination slows breast cancer spread

Palbociclib, and the hormone drug fulvestrant – slowed cancer growth in around two thirds of women with advanced forms of the most common type of breast cancer

Virtual screening software for cancer research

Blaze will be used to run virtual screening projects to translate research discoveries into new cancer drugs

Research to deliver cancer-killing viruses to tumour cells

Scientists announce laboratory success using a new linker technique to bond cell-killing agents to cancer-targeting antibodies

Green tea-based ‘missiles’ to kill cancer cells

By using one of its ingredients scientists have developed a drug delivery system, which kills cancer cells more efficiently

Understanding the mechanisms underlying cancer

The fight against cancer could be aided by new technical advances in filtration and separation technology

Non-invasive cancer diagnosis and monitoring

EKF Molecular and Massachusetts General Hospital announce circulating tumour cell clinical research collaboration

Tumour screening

Leading cancer researchers to speak Oxford Gene Technology seminar

Taking the guesswork out of cancer therapy

New molecular test kit predicts patient’s survival and drug response






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