Preclinical imaging systems for advanced translational research

New, highest-performance microCT system and novel SiPM PET insert for simultaneous PET/MRI introduced

NMR solutions for the pharmaceutical industry

Bruker announces innovative NMR solutions for fragment-based drug discovery, pharma chemical processes and more

New benchtop EPR system

Bruker launches the EMXnano high-performance system for benchtop EPR

Novel solid-state NMR probe

111 kHz magic-angle spinning (MAS) probe enables highest performance NMR analysis up to 1GHz on biological solids and materials

New NMR technology introduced

Bruker introduces its next-generation GigaHertz NMR technology

High-resolution BioAFM system launched

Featuring PeakForce Tapping for quantitative bio-mechanical property mapping

Analysis of complex mixtures comes into focus

Major advances in mass spectrometry technologies are making analysis of extremely complex mixtures a simpler, more accurate lab task

Nanoscale chemical mapping

Inspire is an integrated scanning probe microscopy infrared system for 10-nanometre spatial resolution

LIMS: the key to efficiency and throughput

Powerful, easy to use and scalable LIMS solutions are key to improving lab efficiency and throughput. Sean Ottewell reports

Portable spectrometers: performance on the move

Sean Ottewell reports on the power, performance and flexibility of portable spectrometers offer many benefits





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