Frutarom boosts production of natural cosmetic

Frutarom, Israel, expanded its new, environment-friendly algae plant in the Negev desert to answer increasing demands for Alguard, the company’s natural and sustainable “skin-active shield” ingredient derived from red microalgae polysaccharides.

Supervisory HMI solution boosts baker's output

Faced with the need to increase plant uptime and to decrease testing and commissioning times, one baking machinery supplier turned to a supervisory HMI software solution. Sean Ottewell reports

Caffeine boosts performance

New research shows increased muscle performance in sub-maximal activities, which in humans can range from everyday activities to running a marathon.

Wireless boosts operational efficiency at brewery

Industrial ethernet and wireless communications are helping to boost operational efficiency at brewery.

Gene boosts tomato hybrid yield

Giving tomato breeders and ketchup fans something to cheer about, scientists have identified a gene that pushes hybrid tomato plants to spectacularly increase yield.

Optimism Boosts the Immune System

In a new study, psychological scientists studied how law students' expectations about the future affected their immune response. Their conclusions: Optimism may be good for your health.

Soluble fibre boosts immune system

A new study touts the benefits of soluble fibre-found in oats, apples, and nuts, for starters-saying that it reduces the inflammation associated with obesity-related diseases and strengthens the immune system.

Vitamin C boosts the reprogramming of adult cells

A new study uncovers an unexpected new role for Vitamin C: facilitating the generation of embryonic-like stem cells from adult cells.

Maize discovery boosts biofuel research

Researchers have helped identify and group the genes thought to be responsible for cell wall development in maize, an effort that expands their ability to discover ways to produce the biomass best suited for biofuels production.

Hyper-SAGE boosts remote MRI sensitivity

A new technique in Magnetic Resonance Imaging dubbed "Hyper-SAGE" has the potential to detect ultra low concentrations of clincal targets, such as lung and other cancers.

Vitamin D in fish boosts brain

Eating fish, long considered brain food, may really be good for the old grey matter, as is a healthy dose of sunshine, new research suggests. High levels of vitamin D are associated with improved cognitive function.

Culturing system boosts stem commercialisation prospects

Last December, Melbourne-based biotechnology company Stem Cell Sciences (SCS) announced that it has opened its new automated stem cell production facility at the Babraham Research Campus in Cambridge, UK.

Modified cavity ring-down spectroscopy boosts analysis

Researchers in the USA have adapted conventional ring-down spectroscopy into a new technique called an optical frequency comb

New ion trap mass spectrometer boosts protein characterisation

Anew ion trap liquid chromatograph and mass spectrometer (LC/MS) that allows scientists to study proteins in a manner that was previously achievable only on a million-dollar floor-standing instrument that requires a dedicated operator.

Food development scheme boosts entrepreneurial thinking and skills

New recruits to the food industry will be well practised in the creation of new food products if they have attended the Food Science and Technology Department of University College Cork in Eire.

Dutch advance boosts success of supercritical extraction process

A supercritical fluid is one whose temperature and pressure have been raised above a critical point. Above the critical temperature, the gaseous component of a compound cannot be liquefied no matter how much pressure is applied. The critical pressure is the vapour pressure of the gas at this critical temperature.

Beamforming breakthrough boosts accuracy of ultrasonic technology

Focusing the sound waves used in ultrasound devices has always posed a number of technical challenges. However, a new innovation from Germany that gives greater control over the sound waves could lead to far more accurate ultrasound-based tools.

Automated recording boosts drug screening capability for researchers

Dr Michael Fejtl reports on the automation of cDNA/mRNA injection and subsequent TEVC recording in Xenopus oocytes plated in 96-well micro-titer plates.

Nanostructure boosts efficiency in energy transport

Researchers have developed a titanium nanostructure that provides an expanded surface area and demonstrates significantly greater efficiency in the transport of electrons.

Nogo receptor boosts synapses

New findings about a protein called the nogo receptor are offering fresh ways to think about keeping the brain sharp, by boosting synapse signals.





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