A new generation of microplate readers

BMG Labtech has launched the Clariostar Plus, further extending its range of high-quality microplate readers. The new product is designed to be user-friendly

First in vitro reproduction of ischaemia/reperfusion conditions in a microplate reader

New gas ramping function that can fully manipulate the environment within a microplate reader

Multiplexing delivers more

Dr Andrea Krumm discusses how to monitor multiple cellular reactions in a single well

Single analysis platform

Streamlines workflows, reduce costs, and lower maintenance efforts

HomoFRET fluorescence polarization

Dr Tobias Pusterla details a novel approach to monitor intracellular hormone packaging

Required reading

Louise Smyth reports on the latest developments in microplates and microplate readers

Determining protein interactions

Tobias Pusterla reports on monitoring protein-protein interactions in high-throughput formats

International collaboration develops new technology

BMG Labtech reports success from a recent Australian Research Council Linkage Grant

ACU integrated in microplate reader control software

Advanced monitoring and display of cell-based applications in microplate readers

Monochromator technology with filter-like performance

Tobias Pusterla reveals the next generation of monochromators and explores the advantages they bring to end users

Microplate reader technology on display at trade show

BMG Labtech will use the SLAS 2015 event to showcase the latest advances in microplate readers

New atmospheric control unit (ACU) enhances cell-based microplate assays

BMG Labtech now offers an ACU for its latest microplate reader, providing an ideal ‘walk away’ solution for cell-based assays

Easier diagnosis of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease discovered

Microplate reader has helped researchers to develop a reliable, safer and less invasive method for the diagnosis of prion diseases





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