New flash purification system

Biotage introduces its latest flash purification system along with a new family of flash purification columns

New UV monitor kit

Latest UV monitor solution for large scale purification

New fixed well plates and columns

New solution rapidly removes matrix interferences from urine

Mass detector for flash chromatography

Compounds are identified in real time during purification and this informs the flash fractionation process

New plate adapter launched

The ACT plate adapter from Biotage is designed to prevent evaporative cross-talk

Simplified, fast and efficient SPE

Biotage announces Evolute Express columns: fast and efficient SPE using the load-wash-elute procedure

In-situ hydrolysis SPE plates

Enables chemists to perform sample hydrolysis within the extraction plate

Accelerated Chromatographic Isolation

Converts simple flash purification into a faster and more economical way to isolate pure compounds

Faster sample extraction

1mL ISOLUTE SLE+ 48-Well Plates from Biotage extract larger sample volumes

Biotage introduces biotage® SNAP ultra high performance flash chromatography cartridges

Biotage, a leading global supplier of solutions and technology for analytical and medicinal chemistry, introduced the new Biotage® SNAP Ultra high performance flash chromatography cartridges utilizing Biotage® HP-Sphere™ spherical silica. Biotage® SNAP Ultra is available in a wide range of sizes from 10 g – 340 g.





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