Novel protein biomarkers in prostate cancer identified

Potential drug targets supporting novel strategies in precision medicine

Developing new solutions for biomarker discovery

QuantiPlasma Array is a monoclonal antibody microarray to assess the level of multiple proteins in human plasma

STAT immunoassays for cardiac biomarker testing

New nine-minute STAT immunoassay tests include troponin T, CK-MB, myoglobin and NT-proBNP and run on the cobas e 601 analyser

Prostate cancer biomarker panel results

Oxford Gene Technology presents potentially highly significant, preliminary data on the development of a panel of biomarkers for the diagnosis of prostate cancer

New milk quality biomarker

The individual classic markers for milk quality control are easy to be manipulated and it is difficult to use these markers to monitor the raw milk content in formula milk and various milk products.

Predictive bio-marker for non-small cell lung cancer

For patients with non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC), a lung cancer that kills approximately 1 million people annually, the treatment currently available is basically the same for all patients, despite the fact that some patients may respond to treatment while others may not.

Early diagnostic biomarker for Alzheimer's

Researchers have found that elevated cerebrospinal fluid levels of phosphorylated tau231 may be an early diagnostic biomarker for Alzheimer's disease in healthy adults.

Anorexia biomarker in the brain

A new study shows that the levels of a brain protein called BDNF differ between healthy and anorexic women.

Natural cancer biomarker

Excess amounts of a naturally fluorescent molecule found in all living cells could serve as a natural biomarker for cancer, according to bioengineers.

Digital multimodal imaging for biomarker detection

Darlene Wood reports on the use of charged-coupled device imaging systems in life science research imaging applications.

New biomarker is better predictor of advanced breast cancer

A University of Hull scientist has discovered a new biomarker that appears to predict advanced breast cancer more accurately than currently used methods.

Biomarker family found for chemo resistant breast cancers

Biomarkers which could help to predict resistance to chemotherapy in breast cancer patients have been identified by researchers from the University of Hull.

New biomarker for HIV

An increase in the CD163+/CD16+ monocyte subset could be a biomarker for the progression of HIV disease, according to researchers.





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