Finding the cure for industrial connectivity

Martyn Williams discusses the potential of Industrial Internet of Things for the pharmaceutical industry

Big data for medical research

Targeted event to tackle the role of big data within the medical research realm

Big data specialists could breathe life into the pharma sector

Increased hiring of big data experts and data scientists could help to revitalise the pharmaceutical sector, according to NonStop Recruitment

Searching big data faster

Theoretical analysis could expand applications of accelerated searching in biology, other fields, writes Larry Hardesty

Scientists look to crowd-funding and Big Data to fight superbugs

Researchers from the University of Bath (UK) and Emory University (USA) are hoping that online crowd-funding can help in efforts to develop a new way to identify and treat toxic superbugs, such as MRSA.

Superbugs pose a major problem for public health officials around the world. According to the World Health Organisation in 2011 6.7 million people died from infectious diseases, making them the second biggest killer behind heart disease at, 7 million.





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