High quality sealing

For operation in the life science markets including pharmaceutical and medical packaging

Vibrating fork switch

Brings reliable level monitoring to demanding hygienic applications

Helping identify wild yeast contamination in beer

Bactest has developed a special culture vessel populated with a media product that will enable breweries to identify the presence of wild yeasts in beer days faster than current methods

Beer flow monitor

Titan Enterprises has perfected a monitor for beer flow that combines a low-cost volume totaliser with features to detect interruption of power

Success for Goodnature juice presses on European market

The rise of health juices that help to reset or detox the body is enormous. More and more new and existing juice producers choose to produce healthy, raw juices. The method of extraction is crucial. This is evident in the sales of the Goodnature presses brought by the Dutch Cool Wave Processing on the European market early 2013.

Less water and energy used to make beer

The Worldwide Brewery Industry Water and Energy Benchmarking Survey, which is carried out by Campden BRI and KWA on behalf of the Dutch Brewers Association every four years, reveals that breweries have reduced their energy usage by over 17% and water usage by over 9% over the last four years.

Flowmeter for applications requiring a high degree of cleanliness

Constructed from Victrex PEEK polymer - the low cost, high accuracy Atrato ultrasonic flow meter from Titan Enterprises sets a new standard for flow monitoring applications requiring a high degree of cleanliness

Brix analysis of beverages and foodstuffs

The Bellingham + Stanley OPTi hand held refractometer from ITT Analytics, provides accurate and rapid measurement of dissolved solids

Hand-held refractometer for Brix analysis of beverages and foodstuffs

ITT Analytics launches new Bellingham + Stanley digital hand-held refractometer

Isolated soy protein for beverages

Solpro 735 is designed for beverage applications where calcium fortification is required

Beverages for the Middle East

In the Middle East, natural products are in growing demand because consumers believe that natural ingredients contribute towards a healthy diet.

Beverages erode teeth

Researchers have warned people to beware of the damage that acidic beverages have on teeth. The damage associated with drinking sodas, citric juices or certain tea may have already begun to take effect.

Beta-carotene and beverages

Beta-carotene, nature's healthy colourant, is the perfect choice of colourant for yellow-orange beverages. Not only does it provide a bright and appetising colour, it also allows the beverage manufacturer to make a claim for vitaminA, since Beta-carotene is known as pro-vitaminA.

aSmoothie mixes' lead trend in ready-to-drink beverages

Mintel's GNPD Global New Products Food Database (GNPD) looks at global new product development, and features detailed records of food and drink new product launches as and when they hit the supermarket shelves.





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