Compact balances introduced

Mettler Toledo launches compact balances with a large pan that offers greater weighing flexibility in tight spaces

Simple weighing with new scale

Balance launched for commonly used weighing tasks

Flu's Evolution Strategy Strikes Perfect Balance

Scientists have uncovered the flu's secret formula for effectively evolving within and between host species. The key lies with the flu's unique replication process.

Surface bacteria maintain skin's healthy balance

Research shows that the normal bacteria living on the skin surface trigger a pathway that prevents excessive inflammation after injury.

Balance organs affect brain blood flow

Researchers used a series of human centrifuge experiments to investigate the effects of stimulation of the otoliths and semi-circular canals on cerebrovascular response.

Gene regulates balance of 'bad' cholesterol

In an article in Science, a scientist describes a previously unknown mechanism for regulating the amount of LDL cholesterol.

Food production trends: a balance of the functional and health-enhancing

European Food Information Council (EUFIC) outlines research trends which are aimed at making food healthier, safe and nicer to eat.

Density kit and PW analytical balance

Scientists know that accurately determining the density of a substance is critical in the research process

Stroke survivors improve balance

A researcher has found that stroke survivors can improve their balance by practising the Chinese martial art of tai chi.





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