New Automatic cell feeding station

PROcellcare stands for a system, which supplies live cells under the microscope with biological nutrient and working solutions thus allowing the scientist/developer to execute efficient and automatic dispensing and controlling processes of the equipment.

Automation: New Compact Automatic Presses

Carver, Inc. offers the new Auto Series automatic hydraulic laboratory presses, featuring the enhanced "NE" digital control system.

Automatic pressure filters available in five standard frame sizes

Larox’s C48 Series Automatic Pressure Filter, which includes the world’s largest Automatic Pressure Filter with 168m2 of filtration area, uses the Larox 6m2 area flat filter plate with filtration areas for the series starting at 36m2.

"Automatic vacuum level, follows vapour pressures"

VARIO diaphragm pumps offer the most advanced combination of high performance mechanics and materials with the latest in electronic control technology.

Automatic resin and powder dispensing

Automated resin and powder dispensing is extremely useful for dispensing resins for combinatorial chemistry, scavenger resins, powders such as freeze dried antibodies, solid phase separation materials and magnetic beads for purification.

Improved pumping speed with automatic evaporation

Evaporations under vacuum conditions are very demanding of pump performance and vacuum control





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