Discovery of new mechanism for tumour suppression

Researchers describe how damaged cells can be inhibited from multiplying

Profiling mosquitoes

In the wake of climate change and globalisation, non-indigenous mosquito species establish in Europe together with the pathogens they transmit

Vaccination policy: understanding political processes

Health topics polarise people. Funded by the Austrian Science Fund FWF, a research project relating to HPV vaccination demonstrates to what extent important decisions are informed by politics.

Migraine: light therapy may bring new hope

WHO lists migraine as disabler number six in a list of more than 300 afflictions worldwide

Chip-based retinal implants

New approaches to vision with microchips holds out prospects for the blind

Research that more than meets the eye

New technique analyses blood flow in glaucoma patients

Dementia and long-term care

Evidence-based decisions should play a crucial role in overcoming these challenges

Body language in the classroom

Body language plays a crucial role, particularly in communication between teachers and students. This is the outcome of a project funded by the Austrian Science Fund FWF which focused on the hidden elements of teaching





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