Compact eight-position parallel synthesiser

The compact DrySyn Octo parallel synthesiser accommodates low cost consumable reaction tubes each with a working volume of 5-6ml

Non-ducted cabinet

Filtration and fume cabinets enable development of infectious disease diagnostics

High throughput chemistry in microwave vials

Enables clean, safe synthesis without the hazards or problems associated with silicon oil baths or heating mantles

Reliable control of exothermic reactions

The DrySyn SnowStorm ONE from Asynt is designed to provide reliable temperature control of exothermic reactions

Exhaust trap for lab vacuum pumps

Traps additional vapours escaping from rotary evaporators ensuring a greener and more 'worker safe' environment

Guide to safe use of laboratory heating blocks

Developed to enable laboratory personnel to more safely use heating block systems

High pressure parallel reactor

MultiCell reactor offers users the ability to undertake 10 x 30 ml reactions in parallel at pressures of up to 50 bar and temperatures up to 200°C

How choice of reactor vessel affects reaction performance

Data is presented for vacuum jacketed and non-vacuum jacketed reaction vessels connected to a Julabo Presto A30 temperature control system

Mesoscale segmented flow reactor

Liquid segmented mesoscale tubular reactor runs for 5 hours without fouling issues and with instant recovery of solids

Optimised condenser for small scale reactions

For small scale synthetic chemical reactions performed in 5, 10, and 25ml flasks

Scientific reports compare air and water condensers

Water-driven condensers can use a large amount of water which is wasteful/expensive

Self-regenerating purifier for chromatography gases

Gas purity is essential in any GC, HPLC or GC/MS application requiring high sensitivity

On-demand liquid nitrogen generator

Generates liquid nitrogen and nitrogen gas for industrial, medical, food and agricultural, biological and general laboratory applications

Improving safety and minimising set-up time for chemical syntheses

The Asynt CondenSyn Air Condenser has been extensively tested by researchers in the Cronin Group within the School of Chemistry at the University of Glasgow, UK

Ultra safe pressure reactor assists process optimisation

Asynt announces that Rapid Powders Ltd has been using a PressureSyn High Pressure Reactor to undertake series of process experiments using small amounts of precious materials to produce optimally functionalised polymers

Universal controlled laboratory reactor simplifies synthesis scale-up

The ReactoMate Datum is a new compact benchtop Controlled Lab Reactor (CLR) system from Asynt that offers the flexibility to accommodate reaction vessels from 100ml to 5 litres

Increased safety for heating blocks

Asynt has announced that all models in its DrySyn Heating Block range will now come with permanently attached, heat resistant, lifting handles to safeguard users from coming into contact with hot surfaces

Undertaking heated experiments in NMR tubes

Asynt has developed DrySyn NMR Heating Blocks to enable safe, effective and uniform heating of up to 10 NMR tubes on a conventional hotplate stirrer

Chiral separation benefits from nitrogen generator

Asynt reports on how chromatography specialist Reach Separations Ltd is benefiting from the installation of an onsite nitrogen generator at their laboratories

Parallel stirrer/blenders

The DrySyn Vortex family from Asynt has been expanded to now comprise three systems, all designed to stir or blend up to three reactions at one time, while heating or cooling






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