Fast dynamic array IFC for ag-bio and genotyping studies

Integrated fluidic circuit features a design that greatly increases sample throughput for common SNP genotyping applications

Human DNA experiment uses 200k digital array chip

The BioMark HD system is the latest and most advanced real-time PCR system developed by Fluidigm

Access array technology helps uncover mutations

Fluidigm access array technology helps identify mutations in leukemia

Leukemia lab invests in Fluidigm Access Array and EP1 Systems

Fluidigm Corporation has announced that MLL Munich Leukemia Laboratory has purchased Access Array and EP1 Systems

Diode array spectrometer

The MCS600 is suitable for measurements in the UV range, versatile tasks, and a high degree of flexibility can be fulfilled where portable systems are needed.

triple detector array

Available from Viscotek, a leader in multiple detection characterisation of synthetic and natural polymers, the Model 302 triple detector array (TDA) represents the cutting edge in detector technology for pharmaceutical analysis.

Transcribed human genome on a single array

More than ones million probes analyse the expression of almost50 000 RNA transcripts and variants on a single array the sizeof a dime ­ the transcribed human genome is now available ona single chip.

Diode array spectrometers for on line use in food industry

The growing consumer consciousness of food quality in combination with falling manufacturing prices demands procedures for an effective quality control system.

Proof of principle findings for SPR array chips

Biacore Biacore International AB has announced new data that demonstrates proof-of-principle of its surface plasmon resonance (SPR) array chip technology in relevant biological applications.

The technology, which is expected to increase the number of detailed biological evaluations in drug discovery, is being developed with pharmaceutical companies including Millennium Pharmaceuticals.





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