Antibody specialist expands to support growth

Absolute Antibody’s newly refurbished space at the Wilton Centre in Redcar enables company to grow its portfolio of antibody services

New monoclonal antibody drugs

ModiQuest Research offer an intelligent approach to antibody generation, cloning, modification and cell line production. Its offering includes end-to-end support services that include monoclonal antibody generation, cell line development and antibody production, plus antibody cloning and sequencing to enable academic, pharmaceutical and biotechnology clients to develop new and improved antibody treatments and diagnostics

Novel therapeutic antibody for treatment of autoimmune diseases

ImmuTune IMP731 has demonstrated potency at low doses in preclinical models of T-cell mediated inflammation

Antibody response trigger discovered

Researchers have discovered a trigger that induces B cells to produce effective and long-lived antibodies early in the immune response.

SLAM: Stable antibody surrogates

Chemists have developed a technique to create cheap but highly stable chemicals that have the potential to take the place of the antibodies used in tests. Scientist Live Audio Mailbag spoke with Heather Agnew.

Faster access to high affinity antibody drug candidates

MorphoSys AG has unveiled a multi-year technology development programme which will lead to a significantly enhanced version of its antibody generation platform.

Benefits of small-scale antibody purification using magnetic beads

A well-known method for purification of antibodies from serum, ascites, and cell culture supernatant is to utilise the strong affinity of the Fc part of IgG to protein A from Staphylococcus or protein G from Streptococcus





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