Syringe pump delivers fluid at 8nl/min

Smart diagnostics facilitate programmable troubleshooting and built-in event and error logging

New analytical and precision balances

Provides intuitive keypad for easy operation and space-saving compact footprint for tight benches

Improving efficiency in density testing

Richard Storey highlights the latest advances for scientists performing density testing

Improved microplate technology speeds analytical techniques

Novel microplate and microplate reader technologies are making data analysis faster, more accurate and more powerful. Sean Ottewell reports.

Analytical gas chromatography column

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc TraceGOLD GC Column with SafeGua combines an analytical gas chromatography (GC) column with a built-in guard column. The SafeGuard feature extends the life of the analytical column without compromising its chromatographic performance

Improving analytical workflows

LAB2LAB webinar highlights the benefits of laboratory sample transport and management systems

Expert witness laboratory analytical service

Warwick will advise on the most suitable methods to meet your needs and deliver a quality service with a fast turnaround

Automated preparation of analytical samples

Agilent Technologies' 7696 Sample Prep Workbench reduces the cost per sample because it consumes smaller amounts of chemicals and solvents

Innovative analytical technology for higher efficiency

The hi-tech startup Anagnostics Bioanalysis develops analytical technologies for routine applications in drug discovery and medical research.

Analytical Lab Septa Pawling Scientific Products

New material options, improved designs, and unique processing methods are used to improve product quality and process efficiency in the lab.

Weighing boats contain no adhesives or additives to influence analytical results

What does the Danish chemist Johan Kjeldahl have to do with boats? Initially nothing, and yet a boat plays a decisive role in the analytical method he developed for the determination of nitrogen.

The case for contracting analytical physicochemical profiling services

A physicochemical profile is important for predicting drug absorption, disposition and transport. This involves measuringa number of properties which many laboratories are ill-equippedto handle. One solution is to use contract analytical services.

Analytical balances

Adam Equipment has expanded the new range of ADAM high precision analytical and top loading balances with additional models with OIML and EC Approval.

Using new analytical technology to improve biotech production

As the need to understand bioprocesses grows, continuous online measurement using accurate and reliable analytical techniques is essential. As Richard Ahearne explains, innovative multiple task equipment is now bringing advanced process control nearer.

Storing and sharing analytical data for maximum commercial benefit

Data-mining, viewing and comparison of data across the organisation are just a few of the issues surrounding the archival of analytical data to facilitate knowledge management. Here, Kevin Smith examines the issues in depth and introduces a new solution.

Analytical solutions for bioproduct characterisation problems

The structural characterisation of biotechnology products presents a challenge for modern analytical techniques. In contrast to small molecule drugs, biopharmaceuticals can be extremely large, complex entities, often comprising of multiple disulphide-bridged proteins or glycoproteins.In particular, these products demand the use of methods capable of determining the primary structure of a recombinant or engineered molecule and of detecting and assigning post-translational modifications and microheterogeneities. By Dr Fiona M Greer.

Analytical HPLC chromatography offers improvements in productivity

Today the demands of separation devices are higher than ever before. Increasing productivity in high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), through higher sample throughput and reduced analytical time, is one of the major challenges with which analysts are faced.

Dr W. Kraas reports.

Density kit and PW analytical balance

Scientists know that accurately determining the density of a substance is critical in the research process





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