METTLER TOLEDO launches new analytical balance line

METTLER TOLEDO has released a new line of Excellence Analytical Balances focused on providing users with a high level of process security whilst making weighing workflows error-free, ergonomic, and efficient.

High throughput ChIP assay for multiple epigenetic target screening

Porvair Sciences has announced an application note describing the excellent results achievable from a new 96-well format version of its ChromaTrap chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP) assay technology.

Analysing microbial contamination

Synbiosis introduces new aCOLade manual colony counter with automatic result recording

Analysing intracellular molecular diffusion

Diffusion measurement package for the Olympus FluoView FV1000 confocal microscope

Analysing cerebral bioelectricity

Researchers have presented a new algorithm that uses a new method to analyse the information obtained from electroencephalograms to detect neurodegenerative diseases using the bioelectric signals of the brain.

Sorting device for analysing biological reactions

Harvard researchers and a team of international collaborators demonstrated a new microfluidic sorting device that rapidly analyzes millions of biological reactions.

Is texture analysing for everyone?

In a world of increasing competition it is important for all foods produced to be of high and repeatable quality. In order to accomplish this, the continuous testing of products from development until final production, and even after there, is essential.

Extra texture: analysing the subjective characteristics of food

As the food industry has improved the quality of its products, so consumer awareness has grown and now demands further improvements. Attractive visual appearance is vital, being the first contact between buyer and product. Then smell and texture, as the food enters the mouth, followed by flavour as the food is eaten. Eric Russell reports.

Shape and size matter when analysing food particles

It is vital that food manufacturers have a greater understanding of the influence of both particle shape and size on ingredient properties. Helen Metcalfe reports





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