Meeting the crop protection challenge

Chemicals help herbicides to maintain consistent quality, as well as enabling maximum penetration into the plant for optimal effectiveness

Latest range of columns launched

AkzoNobel has announcd its next expansion of its analytical columns portfolio with the introduction of Kromasil ClassicShell family of columns

Tackling the complex area of peptides

The challenges of peptide analysis and purification. By Cecilia Mazza

Report on latest chromatography solutions

Exploring pH to increase productivity and yield in crude purification

New SFC columns

Latest Kromasil SFC family of columns launched by AkzoNobel

Advantage of chemically and mechanically stable reversed chromatography phases

Fredrik Limé, Robert Fredriksson and Cecilia Mazza discuss a new class of chemically and mechanically stable columns that can operate under a wide range of pH

New family of columns launched

UHPLC and HPLC family of columns hits the market

Preparative chromatography materials launched

Supports scientists and engineers working in purification under extreme harsh conditions

New range of UHPLC columns

Target reversed-phase applications, including laboratories developing methods in the pharmaceutical, industrial, food and beverage, clinical and environmental areas





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