Medical grade footswitches and hand controls

Applications range from electrosurgical use in X-Ray, MRI, CT and dentistry

Balston UHP Zero Grade Air Generators

Parker Hannifin Corporation has introduced a line of Balston UHP Zero Grade Air Generators designed to eliminate the need for expensive cylinders of zero grade air.

Generating electricity from air flow

A group of researchers is developing a new way to generate power for planes and automobiles based on materials known as piezoelectrics, which convert the kinetic energy of motion into electricity.

Air pollution increases infants' risk of bronchiolitis

Infants who are exposed to higher levels of air pollution are at increased risk for bronchiolitis, according to a new study.

Compressed air management at snack food plant cuts energy bill

A compressed air management system is helping reduce reduce energy bills at a snack food plant.

Air pollutants from abroad a growing concern

Plumes of harmful air pollutants can be transported across oceans and continents - from Asia to the United States and from the United States to Europe - and have a negative impact on air quality far from their original sources

Highly stable air sampling lab equipment

Manufactured from stainless steel, the SAS stand is quickly and easily attached to any portable SAS sampler.

Bottling plant cuts compressed air generation costs and emissions

An energy efficiency improvement programme at a bottling plant has resulted in substantial energy savings and a positive impact on carbon emissions.

Air Products drives standards of accuracy in gas analysis

Air Products is driving standards of accuracy in gas analysis by using its extensive knowledge and expertise to develop gas products that are fit for the most testing laboratory and emissions-testing applications. Find out more at LAB INNOVATIONS 2012 from 7-8th November.

Sunlight and air powers access to sterile water

Researchers at the University of Hull are developing a way to produce constant supplies of sterile water, powered simply by sunlight and air. The device is aimed at remote communities where conventional systems using chemicals or electricity are not a viable option.





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