New point-of-care diagnostic solution introduced

Abbott introduces new point-of-care test, the m-PIMA HIV-1/2 Viral Load (VL), at AIDS 2018 Amsterdam

Infectious disease molecular diagnostic portfolio expanded with the launch of Iam Toxo

The molecular division of DiaSorin, has further strengthened its infectious disease diagnostic portfolio supporting the health and wellbeing of immunocompromised patients with the launch of the Iam Toxo assay for the detection of Toxoplasma gondii (T. gondii).

Infectious diseases: remove market barriers to new treatments

Report highlights barriers - including high prices, patents, and the lack of adapted formulations

Avahan Aids initiative may have prevented 600,000 HIV infections in India over 10 years

A programme funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation may have saved around 600,000 people in India from becoming infected with HIV over the course of a decade, according to a new report.

Molecular diagnostics technology aids German hospital in management of E coli crisis

CE Marked xTAG Gastrointestinal Pathogen Panel (GPP) used to triage patients at German Kliniken der Stadt Koln

Strong scientific findings presented at AIDS 2010

The biennial meeting of the global AIDS community concluded today with clear evidence of tangible progress in HIV research and programme scale up, yet facing an urgent need for increased resources.

Olive oil enriched diet aids cancer survivors

Researchers have found that olive oil may offer another potential health benefit - it produces greater weight loss in breast cancer survivors compared to a more traditional low-fat diet.

Key protein aids in DNA repair

Scientists have shown in multiple contexts that DNA damage over our lifetimes is a key mechanism behind the development of cancer and other age-related diseases.

Exercise aids brain recovery

Exercise is a key factor in improving both memory and mood after whole-brain radiation treatments in rodents, according to data presented by Duke University scientists at the Society for Neuroscience meeting.

Robot's gentle touch aids surgery

Canadian researchers have created a touchy-feely robot that detects tougher tumour tissue in half the time, and with 40% more accuracy than a human.

Biotechnology: Ambitious new strategies for AIDS vaccine research

Researchers believe conventional vaccine strategies should not be the only avenue explored in the development of an effective AIDS vaccine.

Biotechnology: No race disparities in risk of AIDS

Researchers found no disparities by race or ethnicity in risk of AIDS and death among HIV-infected patients in a setting of similar access to care.

Arsenic aids tumour imaging

Arsenic linked to a drug that binds to the blood vessels of cancerous tumours provides a powerful imaging agent that could one day allow physicians to detect hard-to-find tumours.

Ultrasonic fogging system aids cleanroom decontamination

How to reduce water consumption and yet maintain, or even increase, effectiveness during decontamination showers is a challenge that has recently taken a significant step forward. Sean Ottewell reports.

Variable speed pumping aids irrigation for soft fruit grower

S & A Produce (UK) Ltd, a major producer of soft fruit under glass, has recently upgraded its pumping equipment for irrigation and overhead moisture. In addition to the new pumps, all the main pumps at the site have now been equipped with a computer-controlled variable speed drive. This much finer control of pumping operations has contributed to higher yields and quality and has eliminated damaging pipe bursts.

On-line analysis aids solvent recovery in pharmaceuticals

Perhaps the strongest commercial argument for recovering and reusing solvents is the direct cost savings. In some processes, with intensive solvent use, the cost of the solvent can be a significant proportion of the overall product cost.

Laning system aids easier product packaging

Food conveyor manufacturer Cox and Plant Products has launched a new conveyor enabling separation of products for easier presentation and packaging.

Computer modelling aids design of processes in microlaboratories

Ed Fontes looks at the role played by computer modelling by a company which miniatures laboratory applications.

Tomato lycopene extract aids neutralising reactive oxygen species

A growing body of scientific publications based on epidemiological data, cell culture and animal investigations and clinical studies, indicate the importance of lycopene to human health and well being. Joost Overeem reports.

transducer aids research into real-time process control for food

Real-time process control for food manufacture has come a significant step closer, thanks to pioneering research work at University College Dublin into viscosity measurement techniques for characterising the flow and mixability of highly non-Newtonian fluids. At the heart of the researchers' experiments is the Torqsense transducer made by Sensor Technology, which monitors the constantly changing flow characteristics of materials as diverse as tomato ketchup, chocolate, pasta sauce and chicken tikka massala.






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