One large leap for gas chromatography

Norbert Reuter and Gary Lee explore the way in which gas chromatography columns are making a difference to analysis being carried out thousands of miles from home

Liquid chromatography techniques target lab efficiency

The latest developments in liquid chromatography techniques improve resolution and precision, simplify the handling of complex sample matrices, and improve usability

Portable spectrometers: performance on the move

Sean Ottewell reports on the power, performance and flexibility of portable spectrometers offer many benefits

Overview of best practices for breast cancer diagnosis

Reviews how the understanding of breast cancer has evolved and how researchers have established clinically meaningful biomarkers and ancillary tests

Rapid analysis of up to 96 DNA samples

Agilent Technologies introduces 4200 TapeStation System for next-generation sequencing.

Dual-view atomic spectrometer

ICP-OES system runs Samples faster, uses less gas, says Agilent Technologies

Instrument driver exchange enhances laboratory efficiency

Agilent Technologies and Bruker to provide compatible chromatographic data system software

Mutagenesis solution creates libraries of protein variants

Agilent Technologies introduces novel synthetic biology system to accelerate protein engineering




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