New library preparation system

Agilent announces new library preparation system for next-generation sequencing; the fully automated Magnis system delivers reproducible results for molecular laboratories

New gas chromatography systems

Agilent expands GC portfolio and launches self-aware predictive technology in its new gas chromatography systems

Life sciences expert expands cell analysis capabilities

Agilent expands cell analysis R&D capabilities in Ireland - new facility incorporates recently acquired Luxcel Biosciences

Next generation sequencing-based PGT solution

Agilent introduces next generation sequencing-based preimplantation genetic testing (PGT) Solution, which enables fertility specialists to attain comprehensive insights to improve the ranking of IVF embryos

Maintenance and upgrade support for preclinical scanners

MR Solutions now provides maintenance and upgrade support for preclinical scanners, including those from Agilent

Screening data on dioxins in food to be presented at symposium

Agilent Technologies to host seminars at International Dioxin Symposium in Madrid

Agilent Technologies introduces verified dissolution components for pharmaceutical market

Agilent Technologies Inc. has introduced a new series of verified dissolution components, including molded vessels as well as paddle and basket shafts.

Solution for targeted multiplexed protein quantitation

Complete solution for targeted multiplexed protein quantitation to enhance workflows

Agilent technologies and shimadzu to exchange chromatography instrument drivers

Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) and Shimadzu Corp. have announced they will exchange RapidControl.NET (RC.Net) instrument drivers

Agilent expands bioinformatics system into integrated biology suite

GeneSpring GX 11.5 is an expansion of its popular bioinformatics software into visualising and analysing multiple types of biological data

Agilent technologies launches new software for gel permeation chromatography

Agilent Technologies has announced the launch of the new Agilent GPC/SEC software for gel permeation/size exclusion chromatography with improved measurement and reporting capabilities for the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.





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