Multi-channel controllers introduced

Prior Scientific introduces the NanoScan NPC-D-6000 series multi-channel controllers, which will benefit a number of applications, including microscopy

AFM case study

The University of Basel Nano Imaging Lab uses JPK's NanoWizard 4 to provide flexible SPM services

Raman microscopy, AFM and piezo-based sample positioning

Gernot Hamann presents a combination of methods for high-precision optical, topographic and molecular analyses

13th Confocal Raman Imaging Symposium

Symposium will be held from September 26th to the 28th 2016 in Ulm, Germany, hosted by WITec

Report on AFM system used at Swansea University

Swansea University uses JPK’s AFM system to study the structural, chemical, optical and electronic properties of materials on the nanoscale

Ultimate AFM Performance

Veeco announces the release of the Dimension Icon P-Series of Atomic Force Microscope Systems to enable nanoscale researchers with limited budgets access to the latest generation of the world's most utilised and flexible AFM platform.




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