Advanced blood glucose monitoring

CEGA Air Ambulance has recently upgraded its blood glucose monitoring system to use the advanced Accu-Chek Inform II test strips from Roche. Ensuring accurate and reliable results across a wide range of glucose levels, these easy to use blood glucose test strips provide the performance criteria necessary for monitoring critically ill patients prior to, during and after emergency flight transfers.

Advanced cell immobilisation and observation

Novel glass microfluidic device, optimised for high-resolution imaging and high throughput experimentation

Advanced imaging systems follow fluorescent RNA movement in living cells

Three DeltaVision Core systems and an OMX 'super resolution' instrument to study how RNA behaves in real time

Spectroscopy solutions for advanced metals characterisation

Thermo Fisher Scientific showcases solutions for advanced metals characterisation at CETAS 2011

Advanced titration and dosing

ITT Analytics launches the new SI Analytics TitroLine titrator series

Advanced materials characterisation

ARL PERFORM'X integrates bulk elemental analysis capabilities with mapping and small spot analysis to create a solution for the analysis of any solid or liquid sample

Advanced high definition genomic analysis system

BioMark HD System is designed for researchers who require the sensitivity and throughput needed to study gene expression down to the single-cell level

Advanced Spectral Shaping Technology

Ocean Optics has developed a proprietary light shaping technique for its spectrometers that balances and smoothes the uneven spectral emission from UV-Vis light sources used for spectroscopy applications.

Speed and sensitivity key to advanced cell imaging techniques

Novel methods for imaging live cells are focusing heavily on speed and sensitivity as innovation abounds in this fast-moving sector. Sean Ottewell reports.

Stem cell transplantation treat advanced leukemia

Researchers have reported the use of a radio-labeled antibody to deliver targeted doses of radiation, followed by a stem cell transplant, to successfully treat a group of leukemia and pre-leukemia patients.

Advanced hygiene sepsis detection and management system

Researchers have developed and begun testing what they believe is the first real-time system for sepsis detection. In May, the system was deployed in the hospital's intensive care unit to test its effectiveness.

Benefits and risk of advanced imaging

Unnecessary advanced imaging can be significantly reduced by providing a simple intervention of education to ordering physicians of the risks, benefits and alternatives of various imaging modalities.

Advanced 3d/4d visualisation

As three-dimensional imaging consolidates its role in daily clinical practice, customers' expectations from advanced visualisation are growing drastically.

Universal titrator with intelligent sensors and advanced liquid handling

Thanks to the most advanced electronics Metrohm has been able to reduce the measuring amplifier to the size of a postage stamp. This means that the complete measuring amplifier fits in the electrode cable head.

Advanced robotic workstations aid pioneering child DNA study

Dr Bill Bradbury reports on the implementation of two special robotic workstations to help maintain and analyse the DNA.

Advanced sausage skin technology ensures a better shape product

In Germany, scientists have modified a chemical process better known in textile manufacture to create a new generation of sausage skins. Meanwhile, Welsh researchers have a new rapid detection technique for contamination of meat products.

Advanced Controller For Your Process

GWT Global Weighing Technologies Limited announces the release of a complete range of new system controllers, the new X5-Series.

New biomarker is better predictor of advanced breast cancer

A University of Hull scientist has discovered a new biomarker that appears to predict advanced breast cancer more accurately than currently used methods.

Advanced cooling for flow chemistry

Available from Uniqsis Ltd. the FlowSyn Polar Bear™ is a state-of-the-art chiller unit which, in combination with FlowSyn Continuous Flow Reactor, allows you to perform and control reactions down to -88°C.





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