Evaporation chemistry at ACS

Genevac, an SP Scientific group company, has announced that it will display its latest products for productive evaporation at the 246th American Chemical Society meeting and exposition in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA (8th – 12th September 2013).

Tis the season for turkey, gravy, pie and acid reflux

Indulging during the holidays means more acid reflux, but prolonged reflux can lead to Barrett’s disease and oesophageal cancer

cGMP-grade hyaluronic acid

Q7 cGMP regulatory compliant ingredient with superior performance benefits

Use of hyaluronic acid to extend drug release in osteoarthritis applications

Novozymes Biopharma to present latest advances in drug delivery technology at Controlled Release Society Meeting

Rapid nucleic acid and protein quantification

BioTek's Take3 Trio Micro-Volume Plate capable of measuring up to forty-eight 2µL sample

Automated biochemistry assay for heart-type fatty acid binding protein

Can be used routinely for the diagnosis of acute coronary syndrome, via new CE-marked laboratory assay

Acid resistant evaporator

Intuitive controls and large LCD display provide ease of use comparable to a typical rotary evaporator

Hyaluronic acid for ophthalmology applications

New recombinant hyaluronic acid for eye care and ophthalmic drug delivery

Kits for improved nucleic acid recovery from FFPE samples

FFPE tissues are a valuable source of information for retrospective research, says AMSBIO

Lowering homocysteine levels with folic acid

Patients who had experienced a heart attack and lowered their blood homocysteine levels with folic acid and vitamin B12 supplementation did not have an associated lower risk of heart attack, coronary death or stroke, according to a study.

RiboTask's Unlocked Nucleic Acid Monomers

Link Technologies Ltd is pleased to announce the commercialisation and launch of a range of unlocked-nucleic acid monomers under license from RiboTask ApS, Denmark.

Entry-level acid resistant evaporator

The EZ-2 HCl Evaporator from Genevac provides laboratories with a highly efficient and safe means of routinely removing strongly acidic chemicals from their samples.

Biotechnology: Secrets of a life-giving amino acid

Selenium is thought to offer protection from diverse human ailments including adverse mood states, cardiovascular disease, viral infections and cancer.

Caffeic acid inhibits colitis

Researchers have found that increased expression of a form of cytochrome P-450 is a key marker of inhibition of colitis in mice by caffeic acid, an anti-inflammatory antioxidant compound widely distributed in foods.

Folic acid to prevent congenital heart defects

Research into the prevention of neural tube defects shows that folic acid also decreases the incidence of congenital heart defects by more than 6%.

Folic acid benefits variable

Recent studies assess the conditions under which folic acid can be beneficial and harmful and contribute to guidelines for the healthful intake of folic acid as a complement to dietary folate.

Locked nucleic acid fluorescent probes provide novel alternative

Locked nucleic acid is a promising and powerful technology for real-time quantitative polymerase chain reaction.

glutaric acid: a dicarbxylic intermediate

Glutaric acid, a five carbon dicarboxylic acid, possesses several interesting properties. It has the lowest melting point of all dicarboxylic acids and this typically carries through to polymer derivatives.

Nucleic acid separation system gives precision fragment sizing

A bioanalyser used in conjuction with a kit to size DNA fragments generated by restriction enzyme digestion can overcome limitations of slab gel electrophoresis. Odilo Mueller reports.

Locked nucleic acid ­ high affinity nucleic acid analogues

Locked nucleic acid (LNA) forms exceptionally thermostabile duplexes with complementary DNA and RNA and has the potential to improve current in vitro DNA diagnostic technologies and therapeutic drug development. Report by Jan Skouv, Henrik Ørum and Mogens Havsteen Jakobsen.






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