Access array technology helps uncover mutations

Fluidigm access array technology helps identify mutations in leukemia

Remote open access for biochemical analysis

TTP LabTech will present a range of posters at Laboratory Automation 2011

Leukemia lab invests in Fluidigm Access Array and EP1 Systems

Fluidigm Corporation has announced that MLL Munich Leukemia Laboratory has purchased Access Array and EP1 Systems

Disparity in access to kidney transplants in UK

Large variations exist in access to kidney transplants for patients in the UK, which cannot be explained by case mix (differences in a patient's condition), according to a new study published on today.

Equitable access to influenza vaccines not in sight

A recent article provides a case study of the negotiations to increase access to vaccines for influenza strains that suggest the goal of equitable access is far from certain.

Water access is a medical and human right

At the UN meetings coinciding with the World Water Forum, Canada, Russia, and the United States refused to support a declaration that would recognise water as a basic human right.

Open Access Research Celebrated

The winners of BioMed Central's 3rd Annual Research Awards were announced at an awards ceremony at London's Barbican Centre.

Faster access to high affinity antibody drug candidates

MorphoSys AG has unveiled a multi-year technology development programme which will lead to a significantly enhanced version of its antibody generation platform.

call for better patient access to innovative technologies

Eucomed, the European Medical Technology Industry Association, has called on EU decision-makers to encourage and actively promote equitable and timely patient and clinician access to existing medical technologies for Parkinson's Disease, and more research into new therapies.

Pharmaceutical pricing, reimbursement and market access

Pharmaceutical pricing, reimbursement and market access systems differ significantly in the European countries and are nowadays subject of constant interest in the pharmaceutical sector. Fleming Europe brings to you its 8th Annual Pricing, Reimbursement & Market Access in Pharma, 17 – 18 January 2013, Barcelona.

Market Access Oncology Forum

Fleming Europe has organised its 2nd Annual MARKET ACCESS ONCOLOGY FORUM taking place from 16 – 17 October 2012 in Barcelona, Spain. 20 expert speakers from pharma companies will bring their valuable insights into the health care policy developments where the oncology market is maturing and access is increasingly restricted.

Sunlight and air powers access to sterile water

Researchers at the University of Hull are developing a way to produce constant supplies of sterile water, powered simply by sunlight and air. The device is aimed at remote communities where conventional systems using chemicals or electricity are not a viable option.

Access to vaccines

Building local clinical research and vaccine production capacity in developing countries will increase the global availability of affordable vaccines.





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