Xeno-free human cytokines

Amsbio has launched a complete new range of commonly used human cytokines and growth factors. Unlike some commercially available cytokine products, ActiveMax cytokines are expressed exclusively in human cells under strict animal-free and xeno-free conditions. Therefore they are suitable for human cell culture and assay development.

Endotoxin and other non–human components can provoke immune response in human systems. These contaminations are significant complicating factors for human cell culture experiments, in particular those relevant to human cell therapy or other clinical applications. The ActiveMax cytokines are produced in a serum-free, animal component-free and chemically defined cell culture system. These cytokines are absolutely xeno-free, and have an endotoxin level of less than 1.0 EU per microgram.

Human recombinant proteins expressed from bacteria, insect or non-human mammalian cells often fall short in fully recapitulating the post-translational modifications of their native counterparts, largely due to lack of human-specific mechanisms in the hosts. Consequently, these proteins often demonstrate compromised biological properties. By contrast, the bulk production of ActiveMax cytokines relies entirely on the human cellular machinery provided by the HEK293 cells. As a result, the cytokines retain their authentic post-translational processing, which translates into high bioactivity and stability. In addition, the company's HEKMax production technology platform confers a very high level of target expression, which allows it to purify proteins without the use of artificially introduced tags. This tag-free production brings the benefit of fully maintaining the proteins’ native conformation and biological properties, including ligand-receptor binding affinity, which may be affected by subtle charge/size changes caused by the addition of tags.


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