Xeno-free cell culture medium for regenerative medicine research

1st September 2017

Posted By Paul Boughton

Stem cells and genome editing offer exciting opportunities within regenerative medicine.

However, any clinical application of stem cells requires strict regulation to ensure that the cells are not exposed to  animal derived products.

Now Amsbio announces the availability of StemFit Basic02 feeder-free stem cell culture media.

StemFit Basic02 is a xeno-free, defined medium for human pluripotent stem cell (hiPSC) culture that offers an effective solution for regenerative medicine research.

This medium has been proven to effectively maintain Induced Pluripotent Stem (iPS) and Embryonic Stem (ES) cells under feeder-free conditions, during the reprogramming, expansion and differentiation phases of stem cell culture.

Specially formulated to enhance single cell expansion in the cloning step of stem cell genome editing, StemFit Basic02 offers superior and stable growth performance, high colony forming efficiency and robust scalable cell expansion.

This ensures high karyotype stability over long periods and hence reproducible culture conditions.

StemFit cell culture media has been independently evaluated by CGT Catapult, an independent centre of excellence helping advance the UK cell and gene therapy industry.

In these tests, StemFit not only delivered higher cell proliferation, but also showed characteristics such as homogeneity of gene expression compared with iPS cells cultured with four other media without any chromosomal abnormalities.





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