The XEMIS microbalance – opening up new possibilities in sorption analysis

Hiden Isochema is proud to announce the launch of the XEMIS, a new high
accuracy sorption microbalance for precision weighing in extreme

The XEMIS allows the analysis of gas and vapor sorption by materials at
pressures as high as 200 bar and at temperatures between 77 K and 500 °C. It
can also handle aggressive species. This combination of conditions was not
previously achievable with commercial gravimetric sorption analyzers.

Featuring Hiden Isochema’s new exosensing technology, the unique design of
the XEMIS removes the sensing and control mechanisms from the microbalance
chamber and so out of the wetted zone. This allows sorption analysis with
hazardous and aggressive species without compromising measurement accuracy
or resolution.

Furthermore, unparalleled weight measurement stability is provided by the
symmetric geometry beam balance design. The intrinsic long term stability of
the XEMIS, with no need to re-zero or re-calibrate the balance, thus ensures
the capture of true sorption behaviour and provides the ability to record
full kinetic data over extended timescales. It also allows microgram
resolution weight measurement for milligram to gram sample sizes and can
thus offer high accuracy sorption measurements on the range of sample sizes
required by today’s researchers.

The combination of these features makes the XEMIS a remarkably flexible
instrument that can satisfy the tough demands of scientists and engineers in
a diverse range of fields including environmental science, energy storage,
and separation and purification technology.

Hiden Isochema is recognised as an established leader in sorption
instrumentation with over 20 years’ experience in gravimetric sorption
analyzer design and development.

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