White light interferometry microscope

13th October 2014

Graphene layer height measurement using a BW Series microscope. Image: Dr Peter Blake, Graphene Industries Ltd
The new Nikon Metrology BW Series WLI microscopy system

Based on Nikon’s double beam interferometry objectives, Nikon Metrology has launched a series of white light interferometry (WLI) systems, designated BW series, for 2D and 3D surface profiling.

Focus variation with WLI moves the technology forward, with effective height resolution of 15 pm (picometres) and more precise and accurate 3D surface height measurement. By integrating the new technology into its existing industrial research grade microscopes, the company has been able to combine WLI with standard optical techniques such as bright-field, dark-field, polarised light, DIC (differential interference contrast) and epifluorescence, making the BW series truly versatile imaging systems.

They offer a variety of options including: a choice of high speed and high resolution cameras; a range of Nikon DI objectives; piezo objectives and nosepieces; and manual or motorised scanning stages, all of which allows systems to be tailored to customers’ needs and budgets.

Applications for BW series focus variation WLI microscopes include surface and roughness analysis of glass, ceramic, silicon wafers, ball bearings, image sensors, thin films, graphene, moulds, rubber, metals and plastics.





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