The universal led light source

CoolLED Ltd. announces the launch of its new pE-4000 LED source.  This new product sets the standard as the universal light source for fluorescence microscopy.

It can be operated as a simple white light source mercury and Metal Halide replacement, or as an advanced fully controllable, excitation and stimulation source, which broadens the range of illumination options in multi-user facilities.  

At the centre of the pE-4000, CoolLED’s novel, patent pending wavelength grouping concept allows more power and lower cost, whilst achieving compatibility with all single and multi-band filter sets.

The pE-4000 complements CoolLED’s existing pE-100 single wavelength, pE-200 dual wavelength and pE-300 triple wavelength LED series.  CoolLED now offers a complete range of LED illuminators to match users’ needs and budgets.

With over 5-years’ experience in supplying LED illumination to the Life Sciences community, CoolLED offers products with a proven operating lifetime of >10,000 hours, which equates to 15-20 years of typical use.
The first opportunity to see this ground-breaking, 15 wavelength product will be at the forthcoming Neuroscience 2013 meeting in San Diego in November (Booth # 1016).




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