Ultra-low temperature synthesis

The Atlas Cryo Reactor is a compact unit just 16cm (6.3 inches) wide, which offers trouble-free cooling of a range of round bottom flasks. The reactor, from Syrris, has a cooling capability down to -80°C. 

Designed specifically for chemistry, it is suitable for processes such as Grignard, diazotisation and aldol reactions, ortho metalations, Friedel-Crafts acylations, Michael additions and Birch reductions. Its cooling technology and ‘in reactor’ temperature probe ensure accurate control of temperatures from +10 to ­-80°C using mains power only; no dry ice, liquid nitrogen, or water circulator required. 

Clip-on adapters and a quick latch mechanism enable the use of 100 or 500 ml flasks that can be exchanged in seconds, with no tools required. 

Stirring up to 1,200 rpm is provided by the integrated magnetic stirrer; optional auto-aligning overhead stirring up to 800 rpm is also available. 

In addition, the system can be upgraded to include automated dosing, and pH monitoring and control. The Atlas Cryo Reactor is easy to use as a stand-alone module or, with other Atlas modules, can be connected to Atlas PC Software for full process automation, graphical display of reaction parameters and data logging of results.

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