Tools to advance immunotherapy

21st May 2019

Agilent has launched a portfolio of products for immunotherapy researchers.  

"Immunotherapy is changing the landscape of cancer treatment, but most of the available tools are adapted and not purpose-built for this cell-centric workflow," said David Ferrick, Ph.D., senior director of the Cell Analysis Division at Agilent Technologies. "This is why we have placed so much emphasis on assembling and harmonising innovative cell-based solutions. We want to enable researchers and developers to overcome the challenges and capture the opportunities of this rapidly growing field."
"To find the answers, flow cytometry approaches, kinetic measures of live-cell metabolism, and quantifying the ability of T cells to kill targets over time, are all aspects that can be investigated now with the tools that Agilent provides," said Carl June, MD, professor in immunotherapy at the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania and Abramson Cancer Center. "Any cell-based assay that improves the probability that you¹re going to have an effective cell product will be something that everyone wants."

Agilent's new offering includes four purpose-built components: SureGuide Chemically Synthesised sgRNAs; NovoCyte Quanteon Flow Cytometer; xCelligence RTCA eSight; and Seahorse XF Analysers.





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