Tamper-evident solution for pharmaceutical sector

17th December 2018

Valco Melton has developed a hot melt-based tamper-evident solution for the pharmaceutical industry.
Designed to be easily integrated in any existing line, the solution guarantees protection against product damage or counterfeit, as required by the European legal requirements for the pharmaceutical industry becoming effective in the upcoming months.
According to the Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD) in Europe, every pharmaceutical manufacturer is required to adapt its packaging lines to guarantee that every box is safely closed until it reaches the consumer's hands. Valco Melton, a leading manufacturer of adhesive dispensing equipment and quality assurance systems, has developed a complete solution that guarantees that every medical box is perfectly sealed and protected against counterfeit until it reaches the patient. 
Among all tamper-evident alternatives, hot melt-based technology is the most reliable option since, once the package is sealed, flaps must be broken in order to open the carton. This system guarantees that its content has not been manipulated and the carton re-sealed.
Apart from its effectiveness, this flexible technology can be easily integrated into any new or existing line, and is capable of working at the highest speed lines without interfering with the workflow. Valco Melton’s systems are available in different mounting configurations and are specifically engineered to minimise downtime and maintenance.
The complete solution consists of the Kube melt-on-demand demand unit, which promotes adhesive stability and reduce char by only melting adhesive as it is required, and an EcoStitch all-electric hot melt applicator, that produces accurate adhesive dot patterns and reduces adhesive usage by up to 75%. Combined with the VD2 controller, adhesive patterns can be easily customised and controlled. To ensure a faultless delivery, the PackChek Vision Inspection System checks the correct placement and length of every glue bead and reports any error. 





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