Success for Goodnature juice presses on European market

The rise of health juices that help to reset or detox the body is enormous. More and more new and existing juice producers choose to produce healthy, raw juices. The method of extraction is crucial. This is evident in the sales of the Goodnature presses brought by the Dutch Cool Wave Processing on the European market early 2013.
The presses seem to be popular with small-scale producers, who focus on healthy and honest products. The young Dutch company Greenz Love makess healthy juices based on fruit and vegetables. The company emphasizes on the extraction technology cold pressing, because that makes it so healthy. Therefore Greenz Love selected the X-1 juice press of Goodnature. Menno Bernard, managing director Greenz Juice: ‘our goal is to conquer the Netherlands and then the rest of Europe with our healthy and delicious juices. With the compact and flexible X-1 we can quickly respond to the needs of our consumer, which is essential in this rapidly emerging market.’
The press principle

The press principle of all Goodnature presses is the same; there is no heat involved with cold pressing. The result is a pure juice: it does contain all the goodness of the fruit and / or vegetables, but no unwanted components that cause taste abnormalities and accelerated oxidation.
There are both large presses for large-scale production as very compact and easy to operate machines, such as the X-1, that in all their compactness still have the same principle as the largest press from Good Nature program, the Maximizer. The press method also makes it possible to press a wide range of products: from lettuce and spinach to celery, parsley, apple and beetroot.
Perfect synergy

Cool Wave Processing, exclusive partner of Goodnature in Europe, is pleased with the sales successes. Frank Smeltink, commercial director: "A natural next step, like we now see in America, is applying mild preservation methods on raw juices. Because raw juices also have food safety risks, as they are not treated, microorganisms have free play. The company, which has developed the mild preservation technology PurePulse, sees a clear synergy with cold pressing: in addition to maintaining the color, smell, taste and nutritional value of raw juices, a treatment with PurePulse disables harmful microorganisms.
The future
America is ahead of Europe in terms of the healthy, raw juices. There are already dozens of successful professional firms active in the market. The trend now developed very rapidly in Europe seen from both start-ups and existing producers. Good Nature provides for each size a suitable press and thus makes it possible to flexibly produce and to build scale in steps.

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