Streamlined sample preparation

In-line sample preparation (ILSP) uses the power of an LC-MS/MS to streamline and automate sample extract cleanup. Restek’s Revive ILSP Pesticides cartridges are an ideal sample preparation alternative for food safety labs seeking to spend less time and money on multiresidue pesticides samples without sacrificing performance.

The cartridges separate analytes from potentially interfering matrix components just like conventional QuEChERS and SPE methods do, but they replace time-consuming manual procedures with a faster automated cleanup process that occurs on the instrument concurrently with sample analysis.

With a Revive ILSP Pesticides cartridge, six-port valve, and an independent isocratic pump, an instrument can be transformed into an analytical workhorse, combining sample cleanup and analysis in a single, efficient method. Users can significantly decrease sample preparation time, cut the costs associated with disposable sample prep products, and reduce errors related to manual procedures by integrating Revive ILSP into current methods for multiresidue pesticides analysis in foods.

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