Spectrophotometers supplied for new teaching labs

13th June 2016

Posted By Paul Boughton

81 spectrophotometers were supplied to QUT

DeNovix, a developer and manufacturer of life science instrumentation and assays for the life sciences sector has announced that Queensland University of Technology (QUT) in Australia has adopted the DS-11 UV-Vis spectrophotometer as a key undergraduate teaching tool.

QUT is globally recognised for excellence in teaching and state-of-the-art laboratory facilities.

“To equip students for the world of advanced research, we see access to cutting-edge instrumentation as vital to providing first-class training,” says associate professor Terry Walsh, head of the School of Biomedical Sciences at QUT.

“As part of a large-scale refurbishment of our teaching labs in the Faculty of Health, we identified a UV-Vis spectrophotomer as a fundamentally important instrument for students to access.”

Fred Kielhorn, CEO of DeNovix says: “In order to fill their demands for 81 spectrophotometers in their labs, the DS-11+ had to meet the demand for a high-performance, compact, standalone instrument that works in both microvolume and cuvette applications. During evaluation, it was clear that our custom Android platform allowed easy access to the data via USB or Wi-Fi and provided a familiar interface for students.”

The DS-11 rapidly quantifies 0.5-1.5 uL samples of nucleic acids and proteins. The standalone unit includes an Android-based operating system that does not require a PC. The system features a glove compatible, high-resolution, 7in touchscreen. Measurements are made using intuitive EasyApps designed for the most common life science applications. The DS-11 is a full spectrum (190-840nm) UV-Vis spectrophotometer and measures the broadest concentration range of any microvolume spectrophotometer. The DS-11 Series is also available as a combined spectrophotometer/fluorometer.





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