Special cable systems for cleanrooms

With Cleanveyor and Flatveyor, Kabelschlepp Metool offers two innovative systems that were specially designed for cleanrooms with the highest cleanroom classifications. Cables and hoses are guided in flexible, yet robust sheathing. This design is not only particularly lightweight, quiet and space saving, but also ensures little to no abrasion.

“The two cable systems are an ideal supplement to our regular cable carriers,” explains Peter Sebastian Pütz at Kabelschlepp. “They were specially developed for cleanrooms and meet all requirements of this industry.” The Cleanveyor is certified to ISO cleanroom class 1 and therefore the ideal product for use in production and test facilities for semiconductors, LEDs and OLEDs. With a noise level of less than 38 dB(A), this is a particularly quiet solution. Users will also benefit from a long service life of over 10 million cycles. On request, the cable system can be supplied with harnessed cables and pneumatic hoses, which are pre-installed according to customer specifications.

The Flatveyor is a flat cable system as per ISO cleanroom class 2, with internal support elements to allow travel lengths of up to 3m and speeds of up to 2m per second. The support elements act as reliable guides which can be moved in one direction along the intended bending radius, whereby the cables and hoses are guided reliably. For smooth running, the system moves along the minimum bending radius of the cables, whereby a small pitch reduces noise and vibrations during operation. The design was inspired by a flat cable and is particularly space saving and lightweight; the system can easily be integrated into plants. Overall, this solution facilitates reduction of dust and noise generation in cleanrooms and therefore contributes to lowering total costs.

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