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20th June 2018

Adamus offers efficient measuring solutions to the pharmaceutical sector

Mariusz Stachera reveals the information you need regarding the automated method of tooling measurement

We all know what the measurements of tableting tools in the pharmaceutical industry look like today. The vast majority of measurements take place in a manual and tactile manner. This method of measurement introduces a series of errors both due to the measurement tools themselves and the human factor.

Going further, the requirements and recommendations of the validation departments in the pharmaceutical industry impose ever stricter requirements on standardisation and quality of measurements, questioning the existing methods used.

The problem to overcome was not only the awareness of the weaknesses of the measurement methods used but also the lack of measurement tools and high-quality sensors to ensure high accuracy and measurement quality.

The latest technological developments in the field of confocal and optical micrometer technology enabled the introduction of improvements in the measuring tools and the departure from outdated methods. Combining knowledge about measurement requirements with the latest achievements in the field of measurement technology, it was decided to create a device that meets high measurement requirements, eliminating known defects at the same time.

After several years of laboratory work and with the support of university knowledge based on the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry, more and more efficient devices were created. The latest versions of the unit have the wider aspect of measuring capabilities and improved the solutions used in earlier models. That precise solution of automated dimensioning of punches and die bore wear assessment uses a patented algorithm for combining the simultaneous measurement of the synchronous movement in the XY plane. The presence of a dedicated video system with a resolution of 5M pixels, on the one hand, allows for the facilitation of optical quality assessment of the tools and opens the path to perform the automatic of multi-tip punches dimensioning and die wear assessment.

Information collected from the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry was combined in the form of a measurement system:

* fully automated measurement, regardless of the complexity of the tool
* non-contact measurement with a resolution of 0.001mm for punches
* semi-tactile assessment of die hole wear
* digital camera with autofocus and 5M pixels resolution
* dedicated, built-in controller USB 2.0.
* an open-architecture application coded in .net framework 4.5 technologies
* saving protocols
* view from the camera with the possibility of controlling the position of the punch

The machine system is supplied with the basic measurement libraries that enable automatic sizing of single tipped punches (plus internal die bore profile assessment) of known standards such as EURO-B, EURO-D, TSM, EU1 441, PHARMA, 20/28, ST-328-2, 25/32, FS12.

In case of the punches, the basic library enables for automatic measurement of geometrical sizes of the following: the total height, L0, working height L1, dimensions of the working tip and shafts diameters. Furthermore, there are measuring libraries for any multi-tips punches.

In case of dies, the basic library enables for automatic measurement the shape
of the profile of the inner bore up to four die bores.

Mariusz Stachera is with Adamus






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