Smart monitoring technology for biopharma market

Powder containment and aseptic transfer valve specialist, ChargePoint Technology, has advanced its smart monitoring solution, Verifi, to support the biopharma market.

The intelligent monitoring platform is used to monitor usage data for ChargePoint’s split butterfly valves (SBVs).

By recording how many times the valve has been used and monitoring its temperature, Verifi generates data that allows operators and health & safety teams to manage the maintenance of their containment solution. Ultimately, this helps to improve efficiency and safety within chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturing processes.

Malcolm Cunningham at ChargePoint says: “Verifi gives manufacturers an automatic and reliable method of understanding the health status of their valves so that they can take preventative action. This in turn improves operational performance, productivity and helps to manage risk.

“The response from customers in the pharma market so far has been excellent. Verifi is not only giving the user confidence in the operational performance of SBV technology, but also the safety and quality teams peace of mind.”

The software advancements now available with the Verifi hub mean that it can connect directly onto the ChargePoint AseptiSafe valve unit, which is used to ensure sterility during aseptic processing. The data is then accessed from the device itself or remotely via an online dashboard.

Cunningham adds: “We are thrilled to be able to service the biopharma market. Given the growth in the biotech sector, extending the application of Verifi to this market is a natural next step for us. By adding technologies such as this  to our portfolio, we are putting ChargePoint Technology at the forefront of overcoming sterile manufacturing challenges.”

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