In-situ hydrolysis SPE plates

Biotage, a supplier of solutions and technology for analytical, medicinal and peptide chemistry, announces the launch of Evolute Hydro, solid phase extraction plates with an integral Hydrolysis capability that enable chemists to perform sample hydrolysis within the extraction plate; saving time and reducing sample transfer issues.

Evolute Hydro Solid Phase Extraction plates gives customers the ability to perform sample (typically urine) hydrolysis within the wells of the extraction plate, followed directly by sample clean up using solid phase extraction, without the need for sample transfer.

The Hydro frit technology used by the plates reliably ‘holds up’ both sample and enzyme during incubation at elevated temperatures.

This reduces clogging during subsequent clean up steps, leading to robust and streamlined sample preparation.

Sample clean-up is performed in the same plate, without the need to transfer samples, saving time and reducing risky sample handling steps.

The plates are packed with high quality 30 µm Evolute media, with CX (mixed mode strong cation exchange) and ABN (wettable/non-polar) phases available at launch.

Evolute Hydro can be processed using 96-well compatible positive pressure manifolds (eg, Biotage Pressure+ 96), vacuum manifolds (eg, Biotage VacMaster 96) and automated liquid handling systems (eg, Biotage Extrahera).

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