Single tank electrophoresis system

18th March 2015

The VS20 Wave from Cleaver Scientific is a single tank electrophoresis system that provides a fully integrated solution for vertical PAGE, tube gel IEF and electro blotting.

Interchangeable modular inserts on the innovative VS20 Wave allow users to combine vertical PAGE with capillary gel IEF to perform 2D electrophoresis, followed by Western transfer for enhanced sensitivity.

In addition to its operational versatility the system also offers ultra-fast set-up. Vertical screw-clamp technology reduces the number of screws required for set up compared to traditional electrophoresis systems, thereby dramatically reducing assembly time. The ergonomic design aids both handling and set-up, while its built-in inner buffer chamber allows set-up to be completed without the inclusion of a top tank or upper buffer chamber.

A detachable cooling coil is supplied with the system enabling the VS20 Wave to be connected to a recirculating chiller for uniform, trouble-free electrophoresis and this also permits runs to be performed faster at higher voltage. 





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