Single-cell picker launched

iotaSciences, a spin-out from Oxford University in the field of single-cell handling solutions has announced product development completion for its newly built single cell picker instrumentation isoPick. The new product represents a powerful addition to iotaSciences´ existing product portfolio for single-cell handling solutions based on its proprietary fluid-shaping technology. The product portfolio comprises instruments for automatic isolation, feeding and harvesting of cells (isoCell) as well as verification and documentation of monoclonality and tracking of respectively derived cell clones (isoHub).

The new isoPick instrument ensures temperature-controlled ultra-gentle handling of single cells during isolation and picking through a simple workflow guided by highly intuitive and user-friendly touchscreen interfaces. Like iotaSciences´ other solutions the isoPick is a small footprint instrument with low maintenance need. Those features should translate well into tangible user benefits for cell and gene therapy researchers and the wider single cell research community with an easy-to-use end-to-end solution for verifiable isolation of single cells where high cell viability and single-cell outgrowth is maintained.

First applications have been successfully developed related to whole genome-amplification of single cells or single-cell genomics, as well as human induced pluripotent stem cells (hiPSC)-based cell-line engineering.

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