Simplified, fast and efficient SPE

Biotage, a leading supplier of solutions for analytical and medicinal chemistry, has announced the addition of new polymer-based SPE columns to its Evolute Express range.

Evolute Express is a novel family of plates, and now columns, that simplify polymer-based SPE by employing a streamlined three step protocol; load-wash-elute. By using this approach and removing the conditioning and equilibration steps necessary with traditional bio-analytical SPE procedures, processing and method development times are dramatically reduced without loss of analyte recovery or method robustness.

The innovative design provides a uniform flow in the processing of aqueous samples and eliminates the need for re-runs due to clogging. This clear flow technology makes Evolute Express particularly efficient and effective when used with SPE automated systems, (such as Biotage Extrahera) and enabling consistent, rapid and reliable manual processing.

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