Showcasing critical cleaning solutions

5th March 2018

MicroCare continued to promote a strong and consistent message of high-performance precision cleaning to visitors at the recent IPC APEX Expo, in San Diego, California. The cleaning experts from presented their family of critical cleaning products, including the company’s latest innovative chemistry, Tergo High Performance Flux Remover.

With more stringent regulatory requirements and environmental expectations imposed on companies, Tergo High Performance Flux Remover is an important innovation for industry. It is already receiving very positive feedback from many industries, not only for its effective cleaning, but also for its impressive environmental qualities. 

The product is a nonflammable cleaning chemistry specifically engineered to clean challenging high-temperature solder pastes and flux residues, including water-soluble (OA) fluxes. It has the added benefit of removing stubborn white residues from lead-free PCBs. It can also be used as a degreaser and even removes slight oxidation and tarnish from finished surfaces

“We are continually working to get the message across that people need to implement cleaning processes that not only work great and increase productitivy, but that are also safer for the environment,” explains David Ferguson at MicroCare.

Because Tergo High Performance Flux Remover is compatible with traditional vapour degreasing procedures, it can easily be used as an alternative for chemistries that are being phased-out under environmental, health, safety or economic pressures.

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